does anyone have experience getting rid of parasites before getting rid of candida?

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    Hi. Has anyone had to get rid of parasites? I live and teach in Asia right now adn have for the past three years. I’ve been having different symptoms for awhile: receding gumline, constant diahrea, bloating, restlessness at night, fatiigue, rectal itching, etc. For the longest time I’ve been excusing these symptoms and blaming them on stress and environment.

    But recently after a bad yeast infection episode I started doing some research on candida. I saw on the website that candida can be a result of parasite infection. I bought a parasite cleanse on line (parastroy) and basically followed the candida diet for three weeks. I feel much better but the rectal itching has returned as well as the bloating. How can I know if I’m rid of parasites? After researching online I feel quite discouraged. It seems like there’s no definitive lab test. I am anxious to start the candida diet but I want to get this parasite issue sorted out first. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll do the whole candida cleanse but end up right where I started. Does anyone have any experience with this?


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    Hello, myucateco.

    A product by the name of Diatomaceous Earth is the best remedy for parasites in the human body. This supplement is derived from diatoms which are a particular type of algae, specifically hard-shelled algae. The plants live in water, and their purpose to act as a food source for other aquatic life in the water.
    To make a food grade DE it’s simply purified with certain acids as well as rewashed which removes the mineral oxides and leaves behind the pure silica. We’ve all probably eaten some of this without even knowing it. Some toothpaste brands contain it as well as a few food products. Parasites can’t build up a resistance to diatomaceous.

    If you decide to purchase this product, be sure to get Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth and not Perma-Guard (or Permaguard) as this is the type used in agriculture for grain storage and as a feed supplement nor the one that’s made specifically for swimming pool filters. Purchase only the food grade DE.

    Pumpkin seeds, green papaya and papaya seeds will also kill parasites.

    To improve the effectiveness of parasite remedies such as I’ve named, take them with a little yucca root, as it helps parasite poisons penetrate the eggs as well as the parasites themselves.

    If you have parasites to the extent you described, then you probably have a Candida infestation as well (also according to your previous posts). I suggest that go back on the Candida diet immediately, not only will it help your infestation, but also the parasite problem.


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