Does anyone else get really warm after eating?

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    I used to suffer from being cold all the time, but now I seem to get really warm instead, especially right after eating. My hands and feet are the places where it gets hot the most.

    It’s not really something I would complain about, but I’m interested to know the cause since this could lead me to some further diagnosis and to a new path of my treatment plan.

    Does anyone have any idea what could cause this and does anyone else experience this too? Thanks.


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    I get warm after I eat, always have, I can only imagine it has something to do with the blood moving to the stomach and intestine so it can pick up the nutrients and carry them away leaving your body warmer that it was. If your eating really good I can also imagine the circulation is better and warm blood can make it around your body a lot easier.


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    If you have cold hands and feet, then you likely have a thyroid problem from my experience.



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    Ketosis causes me to feel cold, too.

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