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    Hi I’m asking it because I saw people who took propecia getting all kind of severe side effects including candida. Some got cured by taking antifungals, probiotics and anti-inflammatory meds. Dvjorge said ibuprofen helps with azoles, if you search you will see that is has anti-inflammatory properties.

    I hope anybosy reply this because I’m desperate and nobody answer me.

    This is one guy commentary that got really well. I don’t agree with taking anti-e etc.

    I have been feeling much better lately. This week included my first 100% erection in 3 years and my first full spontaneous erection also. In my last post I hypothesized that killing parasites was the key and I believe it has helped so much. I’m not all the way yet but firmly believe I am on the right track.

    Once again I’m thankful for my progress and not all of it makes sense, but keep in mind these things:

    PRINCIPLES: When taking any kind of supplement, only take it 5 days a week thus your body won’t ever fully “adjust” to it so thus it will be 100% powerful when you take it. I go 3 days on 1 day off 2 days on 1 day off for the course of my week. This way every 2-3 days I have a supplement free day for my body to refresh. Believe me some of these off days are when I feel the best.

    DIET: We need vitamins and antioxidants and protein that can rebuild our cells. THIS MEANS THAT YOU NEED TO EAT 90% FRUITS, VEGETABLES, and LEAN MEAT. Eat 5-8 small meals a day to keep your metabolism spiked. Keep your calories to a minimum as your body is having enough trouble digesting the food in its infected state. The longer you have food sitting in your infected body, the more toxic it becomes. So eat healthy, keep your metabolism high, and restore your GI track.

    Propecia is meant to act like a parasite on 5ar enzyme and even once we stop taking it our body still has many parasites built up.
    Course of action: I’ve been taking “chewing” cloves 3 times a day to kill parasite eggs (like you find in grocery store). To kill parasites, I alternate between two weeks of black walnut/wormwood and two weeks of oregano oil/uva ursi.

    If our body has many parasites it likely also has copper toxicity which means our body has excess “junk” which it cannot digest and is toxic to our body. We need to remove this problem.
    Course of action: Probiotic (NOW 8 billion) before each meal and Super Enzyme (made by NOW) after. This way we rebuild our GI track and digest our food right away, leaving no food in the GI track that our infected body can’t digest. Also recommend a zinc supplement.

    When our body is infected, it can become inflamed. This can lead to erectile dysfunction when the veins and arteries in the penis, scrotum, and prostate become inflamed.
    Course of Action: Killing parasites helps, as does NSAIDS (Ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.)

    This is pretty obvious to everyone. However, only after we kill parasites can our body return to homeostasis and restore hormone levels.
    Course of action: Take Diesel Test Hardcore (I take 2 pills 3 x a day) AS WELL AS an ANTI-ESTROGEN. I take Erase (1 AM, 1 PM) for 3 weeks and then take a week of and take Triazole (1 AM, 1 PM) for 3 weeks and then take a week off and repeat. Lately I ran out of Diesel Test Hardcore and have substituted it with left over Sustain Alpha Liqui Vade, and seem to be doing ok but don’t have as much energy.

    5. LH
    Our LH is what gives us our surge and our libido. This raises both our testosterone and our estrogen levels but by taking the above mentioned estrogen blocker we are good to go.
    Course of Action: Take D-Aspartic Acid in the morning. Only take for 1 week on 1 week off or 2 weeks on 2 weeks off otherwise it seems to lose effect.

    Prolactin is the hormone released after we ejaculate that makes us not be able to have sex (refractory period) for a while. When we live in a constant state of high prolactin, gynecomastia is more likely to develop, we are more moody, and we live in “constant refractory period” which kills our libido and we don’t feel good. Dopamine is so important because it helps us feel good, enjoy life, and keeps everything else (including hormone levels) in balance.
    Course of Action: NOW Dopa Mucuna and Vitamin B6

    Propecia stresses us out. Cortisol is the stress hormone. When our cortisol is high, our estrogen and prolactin are more likely to go up and our dopamine and testosterone go down.
    Course of action: Diesel Test Hardcore helps here, and if you have followed my other suggestions, you are likely improving your cortisol as well.

    Notice how I saved this for last. It is the least of my concerns but because DHT is the hormone we fucked with the most, it depends on many other things and we cannot manipulate it without first healing our body. Once we kill the parasites that kill the DHT, the DHT will slowly come back.
    Course of Action: Do everything above. Also, it has been suggested that creatine monohydrate improves testosterone conversion to DHT. I recommend no more than 3 weeks on with at least one week off.

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