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    I decided to actually keep a candida journal. It was hugely helpful to me in the beginning reading the stories of others with candida, but unfortunately most people seem to write a couple posts and then disappear, so you’re left wondering if they got better or just gave up.

    Anyway, I’m at the beginning of my story so I thought I would actually update this in the future to help others (if I actually beat this thing!)

    Firstly my history:

    I believe I have had candida for the last 5 years. I was pretty healthy throughout my childhood, think I had antibiotics maybe once or twice for tonsillitis? But then at age 17 I got glandular fever (mono). My doctor believed I had tonsillitis again and gave me antibiotics (obviously a big mistake!)

    However, it could be that I had candida before this, and the candida led to the glandular fever? Who knows. Around this time I also started taking the contraceptive pill and had the cervical cancer vaccinations so overall I’m pretty sure it was down to something when I was 17

    My symptoms:

    My symptoms are pretty mild overall when compared to others. I came across the candida symptoms when looking for a reason for my sudden onset of IBS symptoms.
    so my symptoms for the last five years are

    -Recurrent thrush (a couple times a year very mildly)
    -Recurrent UTI’s (probably around 2-3 a year for the last few years. Last one took months to get rid of)
    -Post nasal drip and bad breath
    -Mildly dry eyes, blurry vision and light sensitivity
    -Constipation, gas and bloating
    -Dust and mold allergy
    -Gastritis once a couple years ago
    -General tiredness but nothing major
    -Tinea versicolor on my chest

    Weeks 1-5

    So I have been on the anti candida diet for the last 5 weeks. The first two weeks I felt unbelievably weak and tired. Had some die off for the first couple days which was mostly feeling dizzy and sick.

    Started anti-fungals two weeks ago. Hair started becoming quite greasy and hair is itchy with dandruff, getting spots on my face, UTI symptoms are back, major anxiety and depression for a couple days.

    Felt pretty decent for a few days. Spots cleared up and hair wasn’t itchy.

    Then I started started taking probiotics (homemade goats milk kefir) this week. Anxiety and paranoia are back, itchiness, dry eyes, UTI still there!, itchy butt, constipation, stomach aches.

    Is this normal? I hope so. Anyway, will be seeing a naturopath for the first time this week so I can hopefully get some guidance on what I’m doing right or wrong!

    What I’ve been taking so far:

    -Coconut oil
    -Rutubaga (swede)
    -Pau d’arco
    -Diatomaceous earth (not sure if this counts as antifungal but oh well)

    -Milk Thistle
    -Magnesium citrate
    -Aloe Vera
    -Vitamin C 3000mg

    So that’s all for post one.


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    I am going to be doing the same with a update, its nice to see others story’s I started Saturday. I’m sure you know but make sure your Vit C doesn’t have any added sugars or worst Maltodextrin, gosh i made the mistake yesterday and my trush went mental and I was doing so well. I too feel mentally very low but then super high..its weird.

    Good luck! Look forward to reading your updates 🙂

    Cat x


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    I haven’t been able to log in to update this, so finally created a new profile.

    Anyway, it turned out to be heavy metals. I have a copper imbalance and mercury. I am currently chelating so hoping my candida will disappear in time!


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    @maiscoutagain, how are things going? Did you get any relief by working with the heavy metals? Candida is such a complex and every morphing journey sometimes. It’s fascinating what it teaches us.

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