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    for several years i have had symptoms that correspond to candida to a t. tried many different things with varying results but no lasting cure. i mentioned to my pcp i suspected candida, he sent me to an infectious disease doctor who ridiculed the idea. he took a culture and sent it out. it came back negative for candida. (he mentioned a bacteria but one thing led to another and i didnt get to ask what kind, so i’ll have to get that later).
    i guess i want to ask does anyone have any ideas on this. i’m almost a friggin expert on candida symptoms because i have so many things that match them and now i’m told i don’t have it?
    honestly, i almost believe it’s a conspiracy and conventional docs are told not to admit it(like i said the infectious disease doc ridiculed in a very unprofessional.

    i’ll be sure to get the name of the bacteria, but for now, anyone else had a similar experience and what next?

    thank you

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