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    hi, well i never new about this until recently a friend told me i might have it. back in 2002 i started getting really bad anxiety and yeast infections.. then i started having bad throat problems i was having sore throats a lot and white patches on my throat then the ent told me to just have my tonsils removed so i did. after that the problem kinda went away. i started getting really bad anxiety though and depression and ocd and i dont know if this is even linked but im saying it any way lol
    my diet consists of a lot of carbs and sugar, im a over eater too. I also get very weird feeling like i want to jump out of my skin. constant body itching so i went to an allergist cause i also am having throat problems again. feeling like little bumps on the roof of my mouth. feels weird when i swallow sometimes like something is there. and i will get a hive here and there so i went to the allergist who tested me and i came up + for all these allergys i mean they are mild allergys but im shocked cause i never had a problem until the past year.
    im 27 btw.
    i tested + for corn, pork,,tomatos, wheat, strawberrys, gum, talc powder, bug reppelient, oranges. the oranges, strawberrys and corn is a 2+ allergy the rest is a 1 allergy and i cant seem to not eat this stuff i still am eating corn products, wheat and tomatoes and pork.
    (i know dumb)
    so lately i been feeling like my tongue has a burnt feeling on it no matter what i eat it feels really sore and its bothering me. i also developed pcos from gaining weight this really sucks =(


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    Hey, lillyflower 🙂 Well, no one on these boards can tell you for certain, but you do have quite a few symptoms associated with candida overgrowth. Your throat/tongue issues could possibly be thrush, which is just candida in your mouth. Docs can culture for this, and you’ll know for sure. *If* you have thrush, I’d say in combo w/ your other symptoms, you’re pretty likely to have candida issues. For me, thrush would be enough to get me on the diet seriously.

    As for the allergies, did you know that it’s very common to actually **crave** the foods to which you’re allergic? It makes sense that your biggest allergies are the ones that are the most diffult for you to drop.

    So, I’d get a culture done on your tongue/throat asap. If it’s thrush, I’d get on the diet ASAP. If not, I’d pursue the allergy thing for a little while and see how much avoiding your listed food helps and go from there.

    Hope it helps!

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