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    Hello everyone,
    Back in January 2014 I moved to Thailand, Within the first week of living here I became constipated. I was constipated for two months! I could only have a bowl movement with laxatives. When I went to the DR he put me on antibiotics. Within a week I was able to go again. In may I decided to start eating healthier because I always felt sluggish, tired, and moody. I started eating an Ayurveda diet. I only ate fruit, veggies, eggs, coffee, and I cut all processed food and artificial sweeteners out of my diet. I began to feel better, until beginning of June when I got a kidney infection. Went to the DR and he put me on an anitbiotic iv drip for 3 days with antibiotic pills. I recovered but still never felt my best. Then July I got really bad food poisoning, I think from parasites in crab meet. I had diarrhea for 10 days straight. Never went to the Dr, it cleared up on its own. Again felt better but not the best. Then in August I got another Kidney infection, went to DR and was put on Antibiotic IV drip again with antibiotic pills. A month has passed and I feel bloated,fatigued, Sometimes get a wave of burning sensation in my bladder, dizziness that comes and goes, and constipation. I came across something online about candida and thought I might have it, So I started the candida diet. The diet isnt too hard for me since I was already eating very healthy prior. For the past five days I have been very disciplined in eating only raw salads, steamed veggies, almonds and pumpkin seeds, kimchi, and water. I also drink 4 cups of ginger tea a day and 8 cloves of garlic as well as apple cider vinegar before each meal. I have had a bowl movement once in the last six days, and that was only because I did a salt water cleanse. Can anyone give me advice on what I am doing wrong, or if they think there is a deeper issue involved. Because I feel I should be going a lot more with how healthy I have been eating. Thank you!

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