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    Hi everyone, sorry for my bad English.
    I have done stool culture test 2 times, in 12/9 and 19/9/2018. The result in 12/9 showed that i had candida overgrowth. But the result in 19/9 was normal.
    About the spit test, there were strings coming down from my saliva, sank to the bottom and made the water cloudy. But when i did the test to find fungi on my tongue, the hospital couldn’t find them.
    So do i have candida or not, i’m so confused. Thanks everyone


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    The spit test is garbage – invented by the sellers of Threelac to promote their (low quality) probiotics.

    Stool cultures can be a bit unreliable – that’s why many stool cultures ask you to provide samples from 3 or more days. If one of them says you have an overgrowth, that would be enough to confirm it for me.

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