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    For years I’ve felt like I have something wrong with me but I’ve never been able to pinpoint it because I have so many different symptoms. About 2 years ago i was researching my symptoms and saw that pretty much all of them matched a candida overgrowth so I went to the doctors the next day (which was a pretty big deal for me as I have a lot of anxiety around going to the doctors – which proves how convinced I was about having it!!). Anyway i told the doctor all my symptoms (at the time, I have more now) and she just kind of brushed it off and sent me away with a vaginal thrush test and that was it. That made me think that it was all in my head so I pushed it to the back of my mind, but the thought has always been there. It’s been more on my mind recently and I just really want to know what’s wrong with me as it’s getting me down.
    My symptoms include:
    Brain fog – considering I do a maths degree this is very hindering, sometimes i feel like i don’t have the concentration to even read a line of text, my brain just wonders off to something else and it causes so much strain to even attempt to focus.
    I often feel very lathargic and like I don’t have the energy to do anything.
    I’ve had recurring vaginal yeast infections.
    I’m pretty sure i have oral thrush as i always have a white/yellow coating on my tongue, as well as a bad taste in my mouth and a bad odour (i’ve been told i have bad breath before and as someone with social anxiety thats haunted me ever since, i’m even afraid of talking to people in case they smell my bad breath), I try to keep it under control with a tongue brush and tongue gel and just brush off as much of the excessive coating as possible but i know this isn’t a permanent solution, if anything its probably making it worse. Also mints are my best friend.
    I have digestive issues which is one of my main problems, i suffer from extreme bloating (often look 5 months pregnant), diarrhoea, constipation, nausea and bad gas (i have been told by a nurse I probably have ibs but i think it could be more related to candida) my digestive issues are very up and down and it feels like maybe there could be food intolerances or other factors affecting it but i’m not sure what that is.
    I’ve read sinus infections are a symptom and my nose is always running?? not sure if thats relevant though.
    I have a fungal infection on my toe nails, i’ve had it on one nail for about 7 years now (the doctor didn’t seem too concerned about treating it as it was only one nail and treatment can be pretty strong) but recently its spread to the next nail.
    I get rashes on my skin – especially under my arms near my armpits and on my hands which come and go randomly.
    I feel like bacteria grows in the dark moist areas of my body – my belly button can get very dodgy and produce a white substance which comes with a very bad odour, as well as there being a bad odour behind my ears and under my fitbit strap (my mum has a fitbit and doesn’t have this issue).
    I have low mood and anxiety issues which i’ve been to the doctors about twice before, the fist time I went through cbt and the second time they put me on antidepressants which didn’t work as i don’t think i was depressed, just very prone to low moods which can spiral into a negative cycle made worse by my anxiety and uni stress, i guess i took them hoping for a magic cure.
    On top of all this I have acne which i’ve had for years, I’ve just become used to wearing lots of makeup to cover it up but i am insecure about it and would never leave the house without makeup (haven’t done so for at least 4 years).

    That’s all the main symptoms I can think of, sounds like even more when it’s all written down…

    Does this sound like it could definitely be candida? I’ve had these symptoms for so long now I’ve just become accustomed to them, but I really want to do something about it now as I’ve had enough, although I’m scared if I go to the doctors they’ll just brush me off again. I want to try the diet too and see if that helps.

    Thank you if you read all that, i need advice!! Does the diet work? Will the doctor take me seriously? Do I have something else wrong with me?? Is it as simple as me having anxiety which causes the lows moods, brain fog and ibs with a few fungal infections thrown in? I am planning on going to the doctors when i move back home from uni for good in June, I just wanted some other advice or knowledge first.


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    Hi Abbi.
    Yes, it does sound you could well be carrying Candida with you …
    Going by what you have written i would not be surprised if you have a leaky gut too…
    If you are eating gluten, sugar and junk food, stop and consider a more gut friendly diet, you can find lots of info about this on the open net.. Bone broth is a power food for building your gut lining back up..
    Prebiotics and probiotics will help good bacteria to fight off the candida..
    The main thing to focus upon is having the correct stomach ph. It should be acidic at around 2.5
    You can do a home test for this using bicarbonate of soda.. Again . How to do this is On the open net.
    Also ask your doctor to do a hair and stool test. Take it from there..


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    Thanks for the reply! Leaky gut is definitely something to look into as i do have a lot of the symptoms..
    And I don’t eat too much junk food, I follow a vegan diet but notice when i do eat bad foods my symptoms can be a lot worse so I do try and stay away from them.
    Probiotics are a good idea and i’ll try out the bicarbonate of soda test, it looks simple enough.
    Hopefully when i do go the doctors they’re on my side and do carry out some tests, fingers crossed.
    Thanks again!

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