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    Hi all, i would just like to share my story, for I while I have had a white tounge but never thought anything of it, i used to get it more so when I had tonsilitis which is usually twice a year, i get penicillin from docs and a few days later I am fine, until 1 time after a heavy weekend eating fatty, spicy food I developed a sore throat but I thought it was strange as I only usually get a sore throat with tonsilitis and I was not showing any of the other symptoms for tonsilitis, i went to docs who said it was just a sore throat and told me to gurgle aspirin, that didn’t work, i then self diagnosed acid reflux and took OTC meds like Gaviscon and Ranitidine after about a week I was fine, over a few years acid reflux came and went a few times, i always managed to get it to go, for some reason about a 6 week ago I decided to go to docs and I was given Lansaprazole (big mistake) after 2 weeks I actually felt worse then back to docs who said take one at night as well, after 3 days on double daily dose I stopped the Lansaprazole, i actually felt better off it, so if I had acid reflux why isn’t Lansaprazole working, back to the docs, i mentioned that I had a whiter tounge than usual and he said I have oral thrush so I was given 50mg Fluconozole for 14 days, after about 10 days I noticed my tounge getting alot better, i felt better and got my appetite back for bad foods, so I think i over indulged and I also lost 2 of the tablets so didn’t complete the full course, after a few days i felt rubbish again and my white tounge came back, so I was not looking forward to a few nights away in a log cabin, but i enjoyed it as well as eating loads of rubbish and even had 6 cans of lager for the first time in over 6 weeks, that was last weekend, back to docs today who gave me another 14 day course of Fluconozole 50mg , which I am also going to stick to a strict candida diet, i do actually have an Endoscopy booked for 19th September so that will be able to tell me more, but the more I think about it the more it makes sense that the Lansaprazole blocked my stomach acid leaving me prone to get a bacterial infection, i never had IBS symptoms before taking Lansaprazole but now I Do, and I never had oral thrush like this unless I had tonsilitis, anyone else have a similar story please do tell, hopefully I can get back to normal but I accept it will be a long process, thanks for listening.

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