Do I get rid of my dog because of his chronic yeast?

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    Would it be wise to remove my dog, who has had reoccurring yeast infections his entire life, from my house?

    He is a sweet and very hairy 6-year-old German Shepherd who gets sores around his mouth, hot and weeping rashes under his skin, sometimes loses his hair, and suffers from intestinal distress (yes, I know this is common for the breed…yes, he is on a good food). The vet has actually diagnosed him with yeast and he has received medicine in the past which helps. His symptoms are always worse in the summer (just like me, nice). This makes perfect sense even more now since when I think about it, my perioral dermatitis began in earnest within a year of getting him and I know my PD is directly related to yeast overgrowth. But to back this up, new research shows a clear connection of microbacterial communities within families and pets: I believe this finding would directly apply into the micro-world of yeast.

    So I feel like there are two viable options here:
    1) Ship him off to my parents who would give him a great home with another dog and plenty of room to run and play–and within 5 minutes for my family (with two small kiddos) to visit. I’m actually ok with this idea. I love him, but my kids consume most of my attention.
    2) Try to treat him again for the yeast and just keep it ongoing…starting first with antifungals like virgin coconut oil and garlic (I’ve found the recommendation for 1 clove fresh garlic (or 1 tsp minced/finely chopped) per every 30 lbs of body weight per day–lol–my dog weighs a lean 110 pounds. He’s gigantic) and perhaps give him some sort of probiotic like yoghurt.

    No doubt about it…this dog of ours has his microbacterial world everywhere. If you’ve ever known a GS, you know they shed a TON! Oh, and he likes to rub up on us like a cat.

    Does anyone know of anyone else that has had this issue or have an opinion on whether having my dog removed during the first phase/diet (not detox) would be a prudent but smart decision?

    Thanks so much!

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