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    I was on Healthyawareness.com so many years ago struggling to cope with this idea of candida. Finally I gave up spending thousands on pills. I decided what I would do is eat what makes me feel good.

    Well it turns out everything that made me feel bad was because it really was bad for all of us, not just people who have candida. Just because you can’t eat it and the other guy can doesn’t mean its not doing them harm. Get that out of your mind first off so you don’t isolate yourself into a corner.

    Sugar, corn syrups, HFCS, processed foods, alcohol and any sweet drink is going to make you die young. Count it a blessing you get symptoms from these things.

    Eat whole foods and go very light on fruit once a week if that. The main cure here is the distilled water. Its so pure it will clean you of the toxins that have gathered in your detox pathways in your body. I know the first thing someone will say is it leaches minerals but it only leaches the inorganic minerals like chemicals and ground minerals. It won’t ouch organic living minerals like you and I because we have a negative charge and so does distilled. Positive charged minerals are from the ground and chemicals we ingest. Study more from Andrew Norton Webber on youtube.

    So I bought a distiller and never looked back. I even drink distilled from the store in gallon jugs once in a while.

    I really felt like I was held captive thinking I have candida. It really messed with my head. Now that I know its the food we eat and the dirty water we drink I went on to live my life. Even with ups and down nobody stays all happy all the time.

    When i buy my bread it’s Rudy’s or Dave’s Killer Bread. Both have no table sugar. I don’t touch sweets anymore at all. I’m like many here if I go eat a bunch of sweets for a day it takes a couple weeks for all that sugar to leave my body and I hate that feeling. But distilled water speeds up recover. I guarantee it. You know I am telling the truth because I am not trying to sell you any.

    From age 22 to 33 I was hell bent on candida. Now I live my life with that the furthest thing from my head for I don’t have time for that anymore. I drink pure distilled, don’t eat garbage food and live life. if I do drink some alcohol I am sure to choose a beer with no corn syrups added or sugars. Beware of many America beer drinks for they are laced with syrups. All alcohol is bad but alcohol plus sugar is a disaster on a different level.

    Its up to you to be as healthy as you want to be by eating whole clean foods and water. Not from a pill.

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