Discolored mucousy bowel. I'm worried. (Pic included)

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    I’ve been on humaworm for a week.  I had not seen anything unusual in my stool until today.  First off,  I have been eating a lot of fiber, which helps me have normal bm’s.  I did not have a bm yesterday, but went this morning. It wasn’t much though(constipated) here is a pic of what I saw in my stool. Looks like orangish mucous attached to it. I’m a bit scared cause while searching online found it can be an inflammation in the mucus lining of the intestine. Also found this “In ulcerative colitis the internal lining of intestine is inflamed and has tiny ulcer its inner wall. The ulcers often bleed and produce excess of mucus and pus which may pass in the stool changing its color to orange or red.” What do you think? Should I be concerned?


    Here is a pic



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    Check out pics of “candida stool” and it could be yeast.  I did not see your picture.  We aren’t doctors here so go to doctor if necessary.


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