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    4th review for after a month candida overgrowth.
    Dentist – negative oral thrush on sight.
    Md – last review negative oral thrush on sight.

    Im on candida diet for 2 wewks. Most symptoms were gone except sometime mushy candida sticky stool, most time solid dark brown stool but not black, and if i took any sweet and carbs, i can feel my inner cheek texture started forming rough patch same as candida i use to have and my tongue gone back to white and sticky tongue.

    I doubt my guts candida wipe out.

    My md prescribed me a set of antibiotics(ciprofloxacin) 500mg twice a day, 5 days, and (dimethylpolysiloxane) as he suspects im having bad bacteria overgrowth in my guts.

    I have dilemma now, if i took antibiotic 500mg would giving chance candida grow back in large number. Since i read forum that cipro has many side effect especially on liver and kidney.

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