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    I went to a nutritional response specialist and after his evaluation was done he said that he wants me to take these to digestive enzymes, cut out sugar, and most grains… The two digestive enzymes are called Zypan, and Multizyme. Not sure if any of you have ever tried it? Just worried about having a bad reaction to it just like I have been having with ever thing else I try including probiotics which severely increased my acid reflux. Also been having strange and severe reactions to food now such as broccoli, spinach, and coconut oil. I also cannot swallow most foods unless they are mush so my diet is very limited and each new thing I try can bring on several days of misery……


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    Most people here are taking Swedish bitters I notice they help with constipation.

    U can get on Amazon for around 8$ I think they are best enzyme u can take cuz they jumpstart your body to produce more enzymes.

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