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    Hi all, I’m about 3.5 months into the diet, generally feeling waay better.
    Most of my symptoms disappeared early, except for digestion related.
    Followed Raster’s advice, got Betaine HCl (5 times, 1 per meal) and Swedish bitters (only 1 tsp twice a day). Digestion improved ~ 50%.
    Eventually by August I introduced greek yoghurt (3.8g sugar/100g). Slowly increasing it to about 1 small pot everyday.
    Also started coconut bread (just regular ingr + coconut flour, with coconut milk from Blue Dragon, plus coconut oil + stevia, cinnamon…).
    I eat the yoghurt at ~ 9.30 then the bread ~10.00. I chew well, have the swedish bitters after the bread, with HCl before each.

    Since introducing these I’ve had more (smelly)gas, especially around mid-late evening. Not as bad as June/July before the digestive aids above.
    But, started oil of oregano (3 x 6 drops a day), upping slowly since late aug. Just started a couple capsules SF722.

    Lately the gas has increased even more, and is uncomfortable. I do know the coconut bread is causing part of the problem, as when I have 2 portions a day, the next day I suffer from gas almost all afternoon/evening.
    Now this could be also caused by the increased portion of greek yoghurt (too much?), and initially the antifungals (but I have had barely any die-off, which would produce minimal gas).

    So basically I know my digestion is poor.
    But the first time I was aware of this, the supplements helped me. I’m still on these today, but I’m thinking my leaky gut is so bad I can’t deal with too much of the yoghurt or even the coconut bread.

    However, the first time I had poor digestion I had my acne come back, heartburn often, really bad bloating, really bad gas, frequent burping and now I only have mild gas but the others not at all. I am also only having 2bms per 3 days so sluggish digestion/transit time.
    The first time, I was having no yoghurt though.

    So my symptoms have all improved except the gas. Also the antifungals seems to be doing nothing. So am I right in guessing my Candida is under control, but my digestion needs improving?

    What do you suggest? I can make my own Kefir to eliminate Lactose. But I need more to eat other than the coconut bread if I’m to give it up.

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