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    I have diflucan from previous ‘yeast infections’.  Can I take it to help fight the candida?  I was just diagnosed this week.


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    Yes it can help. Ann Boroch in her book how to get rid of Candida in 90 days talks about that antifungal. Here is quote from book:

    Diflucan (to jump-start only; then switch to Nystatin)

    As I explained in Chapter 3, pharmaceutical antifungals (Diflucan and Nystatin) are recommended for
    autoimmune and cancer conditions or if you have severe anxiety and/or depression or mental illness.
    Diflucan can be taken to give your body a jump-start and kill off systemic fungus at the beginning of
    your program. After jump-starting with Diflucan, as described below, you can then switch to Nystatin
    or an herbal antifungal.

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