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    So, my nd recommends zypan for hcl supplementation. I did order some yesterday, will expect tomorrow, but I can return it. I just want to know, is it worth the extra money to get zypan vs. what I have been getting for hcl? I just really need to start watching costs and supplement with the most important things I think I need. Raster, you can probably chime in the best. Plus, I don’t need to take hcl all the time. I find mainly morning, and evening are the best, not sure, just depends. The one I have been getting is lower strength, which I like about it. Usually, just 1 is sufficient, then I take my other digestive enzyme.

    One I have been getting:


    Please chime in!


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    Zypan actually contains parts of organs such as spleen and pancreas. The body recognizes these organ ingredients and can easily convert them to human cells when consumed.

    Additionally, zypan is a food grade product (made from food). Regular HCL is not food derived as far as I can tell.

    “Fatty acids are included to coat the pancreatin, helping it to be digested in the correct area of the digestive tract”


    Check out this post on food grade vitamins vs. synthetic:



    Topics: 79
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    Thanks Raster! Sorry, I am just upset tonight because everything just seemed to hit me tonight of build-up of things. I admit it people, I am actually having 1 drink tonight. I am just getting worried about money, but I want to heal and keep my digestive system in the most natural calm state as possibly, dealing with gastroparesis and no colon, trying to work with nd, and I wouldn’t have made the strides I have had, getting off of Imodium from last year, eating just cramp, like a toaster strudel, coffee, processed yogurt (yoplait light), that’s about it, and having lots of gas constantly, never stopping. Still taking ppi’s, etc. I still have symptoms of things, but at least I can digest veggies, and not suffer all the time, off the imodium b/c other things work better, or if I feel constipated, there other ways to relieve it besides damn laxatives (all things that got to me have candida).

    Costs are just adding up, my car broke down a few days ago, and now, driving my partner’s other vechile today, some idiot (not even my fault), hit me (luckily I didn’t get hurt), had the turning signal on to turn left, everything seemed fine, and he hits me b/c (he admitted it was his fault) b/c his brakes are faulty. Of course, only my (actually partner’s vehicle) got injured. Just gurrr, just so much on my mind right now, money, cars, etc. I just hate it though that things that actually make me feel better are the things that cost money sometimes. Does anyone else feel that way? I’ll just have to see how can I process things, and I am really keeping track this month, so I can pin-point the whole ordeal. Okay, so I know, I am cheating tonight, by I am just upset! I feel bad, and sorry, I just needed to vent to everyone. I used to bottle it up inside me and not talk to anybody, already called my best friend, so this is good, that I am letting it out, bottling up can be bad to, but you got to vent in a healthy way, too. Just a stressful day!!!!

    If anybody else has any good advice on hcl, let me know, and I’ll see how the zypan works. I am still looking into a protease supplement as well b/c of my gastoparesis. I have went back to ginger a little bit after reading a gastroparesis book. I forgot that is good for nausea and protein digestion. Very good! It speeds up the stomach, plus I know I can always take nux vomica when I don’t feel too good on what the nd, Dr. Bernie, recommneded, but I know I got to stick to diet as well. Everybody is different, and u got to find what works for you!!!

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