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    There are so many versions of this anti-candida diet that I’m getting very confused! I read in one book that potatoes are ok, the another says they aren’t but some fruit is, then another says nothing but meat and veg. One place says do it for 2 weeks, another says it will take a year. I am so confused!

    Plus, I’m vegetarian and have been told it is impossible to do this diet without eating meat. Yet on other forums I read its doable. Which is it people!?!? Although I’m not comfortable about eating meat again I’ve always said I will if it affects my health and so if I need to I will for this diet. But I just want some answers because I’m going crazy here!

    To make matters worse, I live in Bahrain and lets just say healthy living ain’t so easy. Organic food is like gold dust and is sooo expensive and the same goes for nutritionists.

    Any help please?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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