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    Hey, so I’m running out of molybdenum and dieoff is much worse without it. Today I was just dead tired and couldn’t do anything. I’m saving my last pills for work and I’m not gonna get my next shipment for 5-10 days ): Is there anything I can do to make the symptoms less intense? I’m planning on taking less coconut oil, but I did that today and it didn’t seem to help. My second question was regarding kimchi. I found what looks like a good brand at my local walmart and wanted to ask if it looks safe to you guys. I wanted to try it, but I shied away because sugar is in the ingredients even though its less than 1g. Can you let me know if it’s safe, and if not let me know a brand that is? Here’s the link.




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    I wanted to try that brand as well. So add me to the want to know list.


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    I never took molybdenum for die off (did not know it existed when I was going through my worst die off stage), but I survived (somehow), so it is possible. Going to the public bath (which has a sauna) helped, as did eating more in terms of grains (buckwheat/millet in my case). But for the most part, I just took a lot of sick days >_>

    Anyway, on the topic of the kimchi, there are three things to be wary of. One is the sugar, as you noted. I’d also be a little concerned about the salt (probably table salt), and possibly the paprika (some people don’t do well with nightshades, of which paprika is one). Chili peppers/spicy foods can also be a problem for some people. Otherwise, it looks like you’ve found yourself a good product. Except! I recently bought some homemade, additive-free kimchi here in Japan that didn’t have added sugar, but did have table salt, carrots, and apple. I think I had a mild reaction (headache) to something, so I’m going to wait before eating it again. The best thing to do is to make it yourself, but that seems like too much work… Also, you have to keep the stuff sitting around somewhere for three weeks.

    If you’re still going through die off, I’d say it’s likely to be a little too early for commercial kimchi, or depending on your reaction to chilis, too early for any kind of kimchi.


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    An alternative to molybdenum is to a sauna, hot tub, jacuzzi, steam room, or even hot bath to remove the toxins via the bodies largest organ, which is the skin. This can completely reduce or eliminate die-off symptoms.

    Also, I believe anti-oxidents in general are effective for die-off symptoms.



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    Try to drink A LOT of water. This seems to help me almost every time. I don’t have Molybdenum yet so this is what I do to survive. Since I have two small kids and just me taking care of them and work full time, I don’t have sauna and hot bath as an option during the day so I just drink as much water as I can gulf down. I drink two glasses of water as soon as I get up to get me started and noticed that I feel better overall since I started doing that. If I feel it coming back, I drink more water during the day. I usually feel better after that so try it and see if it is the same for you.

    Down side of this method is that you soon catch yourself investigating where the bathroom/restroom is wherever you go hahahaha… Yesterday I had tough time as the restroom was busy at my clients, ouch! Managed to get to my parents who live near by, oh what a relief that was ha-ha!

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