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    Hello again! I have a question about die-off symptoms. My understanding was that they would disappear within a couple of weeks of starting the diet. However, I am now into the 7th week and still experience what I have been assuming to be are die-off symptoms. I do have a sore throat every morning, and during the day, I get variable bouts of light-headedness or “feeling high”, muscle burning sensations, nausea, tummy aches & diarrhoea, and drooping eye lids (temporary worsening of my existing auto-immune disease Myasthenia Gravis). Frequently, but not always, do these symptoms appear 1-2 hours after taking my supplements, or alternatively they appear out of nowhere. My partner, who is also on the diet, gets slight headaches and/or nausea immediately after taking the supplements. Am I safe to assume that these are still die-off symptoms? Or is that unlikely after 7 weeks on the diet?

    Would appreciate some feedback! Thank you.

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