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    I’m on week 5 of the candida diet that I am following quite strictly as well as taking several anti fungus and probiotics and psyllium for a colon cleanse.
    Week one of the diet I was ill got a cold and sore throw along with cold sores and extreme fatigue. Week 2 up to now, my eczema (the reason why I’ve started the diet) has really flared up. It was already bad before (all over my body) but it has gone so much out of control that I had to use steroid cream to control it. Unfortunately as soon as I stop the steroids it comes back as bad as it was. So I am presuming these are the die off symptoms I have read about.
    Last week I stop taking anti fungal, I’m only having those naturally present in food like coconut oil and garlic ( I stopped the caprylic acid, the pau d’arco tea and grapefruit seed extract) but still same extreme symptoms as well as dierrhea. To flush toxins out I drink a lot of water and have Epsom salt hot baths.
    I didn’t expect the die off symptoms to last so long and be so bad. Has anybody experienced this? I don’t want to give up but starting to find this really hard. Would love to start seeing some improvement!


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    Drink a large glass of warm lemonade after getting up, help the body detox.

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