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    So I haven’t started my detox yet because I just finally got all the ingredients today. But I went ahead and changed my diet 3 days ago because I just couldn’t stomach the fact that I was feeding the candida with every bite I took. I have been eating only raw and steamed green veggies and a couple small portions of baked chicken and have lost 11 pounds in 3 days! Also I feel really weak and nauseous and have kept a headache. Is it possible to have die-off symptoms before I even detox? Or am I just in withdrawal from sugar and caffeine?

    I am starting the detox in the morning. Wish me luck!


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    Sounds like you are already experiencing die-off to me. Be sure to take something to support your liver and kidneys, this will reduce die-off. Molybdenum is one such supplement.

    Be sure to eat plenty of foods…keep in mind that everything you eat is feeding candida no matter what kind of diet you do; its all about reducing their numbers but not complete elimination. You can do a diet that feeds the candida less than other diets but that is about it.


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