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    Hi everyone! On the diet for 2 and a half months now. Started drinking unsweetened kefir which had no unsafe ingredients last thursday-sunday (only about 2-4 tbsps a day) and then about 1 tsp of ACV in water saturday night and sunday morning. By sunday, i had indigestion, belching, burning stomach, nausea, a bitter taste in my mouth, sweating even when it wasn’t warm, dizzyness., swollen glands, and a rapid heart rate I quit the kefir and ACV sunday. Still felt indigestion, burping, and nausea monday. Monday i also had a nasal drip And congestion. Tuesday worse nasal drip, chest tightness, anxiety, rapid heart rate, but less gas and nausea. I was also very off balance monday night. Today i woke up with a stuffy nose, and i feel like my chest is congested and i have a tiny cough. Does this all sound like die off? Surprisingly this time i’m not constipated w. die off and i don’t have a headache like usual. Also my vaginal yeast seems a bit better lately. Can die off produce slightly different symptoms each time? It never made me nauseous or gave me indigestion before. I’m usually very tired w. die off but this time i can’t seem to sleep well. Only thing i’m taking for die off is molybdenum in my daily vitamin, yogi detox tea, lots of fiber and water, epsom salt baths, and hot/cold showers. ThAnks !!!


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    I am thinking its the ACV which has anti-bacterial properties. You could have other flora that has overgrown and it died off. But if you don’t detox the toxins, they will recirculate throughout the body making you feel bad continuously.


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