die off in sinuses creating weird smell for me?

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    Hey everyone! Just wondering for those who have/had candida in their sinuses/ears have ever experienced die off messing with their sense of smell?

    Lately I have been following dvjorges advice and trying baking soda enemas and I’ve actually seen some improvement in 3 short days. My sinuses feel like something is happening in there after I do one and apparently the colon and sinuses are connected somehow. Unhealthy colons can lead to sinus congestion.

    Anyway the last day or 2 I’ve been going crazy running around my place try to find the origin of this foul smell. I keep getting whiffs of it no matter where I am and I’ve finally realized it may be coming from y sinuses themselves! THe smell is almost like a ammonia/metallic smell. It’s very weird.

    Only thing I can think is its from the candida dying off maybe? Has anyone else ever noticed candida in their sinuses messing with their smell when they die off?



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    I get this too, it comes and it goes although I would describe it more as a taste than a smell but I suppose it’s the same difference.

    When it reappears I use an anti fungal mouthwash called Oraldene which helps.


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