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    Hi there,

    I am in phase 4 of the diet and I am noticing that I only get die off from my probiotics.

    My Antifungals are:
    Extra strength oil of Oregano
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Combination of CandiGONE liquid and capsules

    My probiotics are very strong, 50 billion with around 11 or 12 strains.

    Is this normal?


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    I noticed after a while my antifungals seem to stop die off as well. Best to rotate them. I noticed when I stopped using sesame seed oil daily that when I did use it again it seemed to cause strong die off.

    As for the probiotics, they are releasing acids to that make an unsuitable environment for the candida so they die off, probably not something candida can adapt to.

    50 billion is good. I got a lot of die off when I first tried 50 billion, but decreased with time (probably due to less candida), now I’m up to 230 billion and get ‘some’ die off.

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