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    Hello everyone. i didnt kill myself (yet) and my boss is still currently decided to lay me off or so it seemed – but at least I got my wage for this month, which allowed mr to start with my acupuncture – so far I’ve been only discussing it with the acupuncturist doctor, but I didn’t have the money to start doing it.

    Start of the week I had terrible die-off, on many levels – dehydrated, weak, zombified, you know the drill.

    I kept the detox leafy greens only diet for 10 days or more (i’m a vegan you see, and I’m fasting – Christmas Lent) and leafy greens are sort of the only thing left for me in the table. And then – ok this is embarassing – I got this diarrhea for something like 3 days. I wish I have read this before http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ncqf8s__UZY and http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=541600 and all these answers on forums saying it’s a natural detox reaction of the body, when not persisting – the digestive tract adapting itself to the new diet.

    But what I did last night, after two days (started worrying me because, two days in a row, you know, bothersome. Big time. So I did this. I drank lots of mint & ginger tea (acceptable) and then I cooked 1 cup of white rice (bio, organic agriculture bla bla), and mixed it with sea salt and cinnamon and had some. The last bits, because they were so tasteless, I drizzled them with honey (1st mistake). And then in the morning I got myself 4 bananas (compulsion) and then 200 gr baked almonds (totally unacceptable). Just to track the usual pattern by which I usually into feeding my condition further.

    On the bm side, things started to come closer to normal somehow, after gorging that rice down. But I’m really worried for my other symptoms not to strike back, namely the brain fog and depression. I’ll try to dance and meditate and go out with friends to help prevent that.

    As for how inefficient this syndrom makes me generally, I can’t imagine a job where I’d do well. It makes me so clumsy and awkward and unfocused – my only qualities right now are that I’m good-hearted, cute and pretty. Otherwise I’m a disaster, and my mind is mostly void. (I used to be into philosophy and research and absorb lotsa science and reading into myself like that. Miss my sober, non-intoxicated, good old brain now).

    How did you guys deal with this particular annoying die-off symptom? Didi it last more than 3 days? Did anyone go to the no food approach that Abel (I think) was suggesting here? – http://curezone.org/forums/am.asp?i=285095

    I couldn’t. I’m sorry that I gave up and had those bananas after all.

    I’m taking it easy on the antifungals however, now I just stick to turmeric, black walnut and astragalus for a while. Plus vit c 1000 thrice a day, plus some zinc. But oh my god, a life ahead of me no sugar is.. you know.. meow.



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    Look, all I did was screw all my efforts so far. I’ll have to start over with the diet again, after 2 days of eating rice and bananas and getting things back to normal. If anyone found a more efficient solution to get over this thing, I hope it will help other ppl who will be in this situation. What I can do is, advice them not to do as I did.


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    You need to come up with a plan and stick with it. You need to follow the diet strictly if possible, this means no rice and bananas. The diet in general is very expensive, as well as the supplements, so its going to be a difficult journey for you.

    You need a detox plan, a diet plan, etc.


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