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    So this diet does seem to be helping a far bit, i’m part-way through a parasite cleanse and my body had been doing so good- my psorasis had gone away but sadely returned when i started the parasite cleanse- i guess because of the detoxing effect to the liver- also i started drinking liver detox tea- with 10+ loose leaf herbs. So i felt confident enough to start food testing- started off the other day with 1/2 pint of organic strawberries- which in retrospect may have been a little much- i noticed a day later – i had a some oral thrush- by which i mean my tounge is not coated at all but i had a few tiny painful sores in my mouth- this was very discouraging because i haven’t had any at all for at least 2 months- at first i was hoping it was a possible side effect from the parasite cleasne- but it seems that oral thrush can only be candida

    So what would other people reccommend here? i’m a little worried about testing other foods, especially after reacting to the first one i’ve tried- is food testing typically one a day- if no reactions noticed move onto the next one? Actually other than the tiny mouth sores i didn’t even really have any other symptoms that i noticed, i think that’s why it took me a day to notice
    -I just really want to get some other foods reintroduced, i’ve already lost 25 lb’s in 3 months- i started making hemp protein part of my diet- thankfully i think i definately wasn’t getting enough protein

    any advice about food testing would be greately appreciated, or what to do when you find out you react to something


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    I’d recommend either staying with what you are doing so far but eat more safe foods, or slowly adding in carbs or breads instead of fruit with sugar.

    I have a feeling you are trying to introduce foods too soon and I personally took 6-12 months to introduce fruits in decent amounts. One of the first I would look at would be apricots, which are 1g of sugar per apricot. These aren’t available until the summer typically. Other than this, I would look at small amounts of berries (like 15 blueberries or less or less than 5 strawberries). If you can’t handle it then its too early.

    The breads are safer because they generally bring benefit in the fight against the yeast. For instance, you can use coconut oil as a butter replacement and slather this on the bread and it then makes the bread highly antifungal. If you use certain flours such as teff, buckwheat, etc. these act as a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut. Teff also has great weight gain properties and has over 200 types of bacteria in it and is highly nutritous. With the flours, I would try each one out one at a time.

    This is also different than a reaction in my experience, this is straight up feeding the yeast. Allergic reactions are typically bad symptoms such as headaches, heart palpitations, tremors, anxiety, ringing ears, etc. that you notice immediately. Feeding the yeast is a different process and is unrelated to allergies as far as I’m concerned.

    Some people get stuck with the strict diet for a long period of time until they get their immunity in balance. From my experience, this requires healing multiple organs such as the thyroid, adrenals, liver, etc. all at the same time.



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    thanks raster, solid advice as always- i’m thinking of trying brown rice or potatoes next when i’m a little better- think i’ll stay away from fruits for now, guess i better get in the habit of making bread again

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