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    I *thought* I might have had candida overgrowth in my intestines, because a lot of the symptoms corresponded to what I’ve been experiencing for a while now. So I went on a very strict candida diet. For 2 weeks I literally didn’t eat any sugar a very few, if any, carbohydrates. I also went crazy taking natural remedies – coconut oil every day, oregano oil, and grapefruit seed extract, Kefir, and Syntol probiotics. Syntol is the only thing I have stuck with, to this day.

    At first I thought it was all helping. Then I wasn’t so sure. I started introducing some normal foods, and by now have pretty much quit the diet. I never experienced die-off symptoms while doing the diet/supplements.

    However, just recently, after I’ve been off the supplements and diet for about a week now, I am just starting to see some unusual signs. There has been significant amounts of stringy stuff in my stool. And I am feeling what might be die-off symptoms – headache, pains/aches in muscles, tiredness.

    Like I’ve said, I only started experiencing these things AFTER being off the diet. Is it possible that the Syntol is finally working up to a proper amount that can kill the candida? Is this common? Could it be a side effect of resuming eating sugar and carbohydrates? Or am I just imagining stuff. Either way, I have an appointment with the doctor soon because I am tired of trying to guess what is wrong with me.


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    You might have had an over-abundance of parasites (common)instead of candida. Parasites can take more than a few days to clear out of the body…and can have similar symptoms.

    I know a few of us have bad reactions to probiotics, so none of this surprises me.

    I hope someone in the know responds to the “probiotics killing candida” idea.
    As I understood it, probiotics dont kill or eat candida, they only create an environment that candida is uncomfortable in (more acidic). Many websites teach that their probiotic formulas kill candida.
    I am really confused as to how they are allowed to state/advertise that, unless its s. boulardii.
    OR I could be totally misinformed and they actually DO kill candida.

    So confusing 🙂


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    Probiotics do kill candida…the lactic acids break down the walls that protect candida. Boulardii also produces lactic acids which cause the same process, just at higher amounts.

    Its hard to say whether you are experiencing die-off or not. Headaches can be related to inflammation of the gut, pains/aches can be tied to dehydration, tiredness could be related to poor sleep, etc.

    You never got die-off or any of these symptoms from antifungals?

    You could have something similar to candida such as SIBO, h.pylori, strept, etc.


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