Did die-off symptons result in me ending up on the ER?

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    I have had an unfamiliar event yesterday. I was transported by ambulance to the ER for possible die-off symptoms of my candida treatment.

    First some background, I was on antibiotics a long time before I started my candida treatment four months ago. I follow the diet pretty strict and use some probiotics and antifungals. I still drink alcohol, mostly beer, which doesn’t give me really bad flare ups.

    Now, yesterday, I drank seven beers, not that much, when I started becoming really dizzy and unconscious for short periods of time. I fell over when I tried to get up. Eventually my roommate called 911 and I ended up on the ER, where they could not find a possible explanation of this event. I had no worrisome blood values and all my vital organs were okay. So what went wrong? Could my liver have been the problem? Couldn’t my liver handle the medicine in combination with alcohol?

    For further information, I have been taking the following medicine:
    > 1x Candida homeopathic bottle, basically containing concentrated candida.
    > 3x ‘Candiplex Strong’ (Contains, pau ‘d arco, caprylic acid,
    > GSE and garlic extract);
    > 1x ‘Olive Leaf Extract’ capsule.
    As probiotics:
    > 1x Probiotic powder (Contains lactobacillus acidophilius,
    > inuline and bifidobacterium lactis);
    > 2x Probiotic Capsule (Contains lactobacillus acidophilius);
    > 2x 500 Ml Probiotic Yoghurt


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    Its likely related to histamine levels. The alcohol likely elevated your histamine levels and this can cause a wide variety of problems. Your playing with fire if you think you can get better while drinking booze while doing a candida treatment. Alcohol also impairs the liver and kidneys which release histamine.



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    Okay, I do understand the part of releasing histamine. But, on this site some liver detoxing foods where listed. As I am in a student fraternity, I rather do not give up drinking. Is it possible for me to maybe continue with less medication and some additional liver detoxing foods?


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    So you want to get better, but alcohol is more important? Good luck with that.

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