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    Ms T
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    Happy Holidays, everyone!

    I am wondering what the commonly held view on diagnostic testing is, because I have read some posts stating that testing is unreliable. Is it worthwhile or just kinda a “take-your-chances” deal? Perhaps the posts were referring to blood tests but I am thinking of having stool and breath tests done.

    Second, if worthwhile, I am wondering if the tests from Genova Labs are recommended or if there is a better diagnostic lab.

    Third, assuming Genova is just fine, I could use some help determining which tests are right for me. I get somewhat confused by all the scientific jargon. I would like to get tested for yeast overgrowth, possibly SIBO, and possibly parasites. However, it looks like this could get really expensive. So…I wonder if the following sounds appropriate. I am linking to the Crohns.net web site because they list all the tests in a linear fashion whereas Genova’s web site makes you search for them by condition.

    Here is the list of all tests:


    Of these, I was thinking about getting two:

    Breath test for bacterial overgrowth in small intestine (I assume this is the SIBO test):


    *How much does a breath test really tell you? Anyone know?

    And second, Microbiology analysis for yeast:


    Alternately, instead of the microbiology test, I am wondering if I should get the parasite test with a yeast diagnostic as an add-on. Any ideas of which would be better? I do have some evidence of having parasites, and I know I have Candida because of the die-off I experienced. However, I do want some testing to confirm the Candida.

    Would the parasite test be inclusive enough to check for Candida, too?


    Thank you so much!


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    Hi there and a merry Christmas to you!

    I only have positive experience. I was so terrible confused about sympthoms and what is die-off what is not that I made up my mind to go in one direction with full power even the direction would be wrong. My train of thought was that. If you go quickly into the wrong direction you know it quickly that it was wrong and can adjust. You might even discover that you headed the right way. If not, well you are quickly out of the wrong testing new things. I was standing turning around and around wondering.

    So, despite all the talks of others did I run a blood test for food intolerances. It worked amazingly for me and gave me a chock too. While being here on the diet I was eating lots of eggs. I loved eggs, I was eating lots of Buckwheat etc. Guess what!? I was highly intolerant to them. Then I too was reacting strongly against milk protein. I am reacting agains ALL grains. Now when I stopped with them, it has been 4 weeks now. I feel great! Still there are reactions when I eat fibre. I am allowed to eat all greens except spinach. Anyhow I react. I blieve that has to do with the fact that I was going around messing up my intestines with an undiagonesd intolerance. I got a leaky gut where a higher mucus producting hinders the break down of carbs and fibers. These in turn feed the bacteria giving me a terrible time if unchecked. I will have a SIBO breath test next year in a university lap. It is totally important for you do have that one right. It should NOT be a test you buy to fix at home. It has to be in a lap who has a maschine to test you hydrogene and methane gas att the same time. A real test is run in the lap for 3 to 6 hours. If your lap makes it a quicky and are cutting corners dont waste you money on them. Find a lap which has a QuinTron Model SC maschine. I called the company in the US and they where very friendly and told me who has in Sweden such a maschine. As I said I will go there next year spring.

    A breath test tells you a lot. If you have an overproduction of Bacteria than you have malnutrition, you have problems breaking down carbs, your cells dont get food, your immunesystem gets weaker and weaker. The endotoxins produced by the bacteria making you very ill. The best book tips I can give you are the books who turned my health and life around for the better are: A New IBS solution from Mark Pimentel, MD and Breaking the Vicious cycle by Elain Gottschall. Get them and learn. It will help you!

    Good luck my friend

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