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    So I’ve been dealing with a mysterious health condition over the past 8 months. I am a male of 29 years old who was extremely active before. I feel almost like a shell of myself since this came about.

    My doctors have basically ruled out everything, but i’ve still been dealing with brain fog, chronic jock itch, low testosterone, imbalance, weakness. These are things that i’ve never dealt with before. It’s becoming more and more clear that I might have a problem with Candida. Besides the spit test, is there a medical way that I can confirm this condition? stool test? blood antibody test? My doctors don’t seem to want to pursue this possibility.

    I am willing to commit to a diet program if that is what it takes and if that’s what will help me feel better. I just want to make sure I am treating the right thing first. Any thoughts / advice would be appreciated.


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    Check out the candia5 test, you can take it at home and is pretty cheap.



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