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    Hi y’all! So this is my first time writing. I am writing for my friend/Guy I’m seeing. Something or other. Our love life is just as complicated as his Candida haha!
    He’s been sick since August of last year.

    Flush and pale at the same time
    Brain fog
    Throat closing up
    Faintness when sitting up or looking sideways
    Skin breakouts
    Weight loss
    Loss of appetite sometimes
    Headache for last 3 days
    Back pain
    Joint pain
    Pain in ear after shower
    Hard to take pills
    Eye glare- this is a BIG one
    Burning skin
    When feeling faint, temp drops to 95+ degrees
    Blood pressure is ok though
    Cramping in limbs and buttocks
    Clammy hands

    Going to doctors and specialist- he is healthy 38 year old according to all doctors. In March he went under for a colonoscopy and endoscopy and ten days later had his first choking/ fainting spell. He has not been able to eat solids since then. Actually he did when a doctor prescribed him lidocaine for 7 weeks.
    (This I’m sure added to the Candida)
    He then had a horrible bout of oral thrush and i believe it never went away.
    He did a barium swallow test and everything went down fine. Then one day I was checking him for tonsil stones and saw the thrush.
    He was then put on two rounds of DIFLUCAN and the die off has been a nightmare. He has gone on crazy spells- talking and not making sense, depression, bloating, break outs, bad breath, cramping, brain fog, dizziness.
    So we started a Candida diet and it seems to be helping.
    The question I have (after that whole story)
    How can he get the carbs and calories if
    A- he can’t eat whole food just broth and soggy veggies
    B- he is diabetic

    He just finished Diflucan and was going to get him YEASTX drops. Does anyone know anything about them?

    Any who, I can definitely write a book so I’ll stop. Please help though. I’m lost and all I want to do is help him. No one tells you how stressful this whole process is.


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    Do know much about YeastX. I did look it up though, it has a few things I’m familiar with (pau d’arco and oregano), but would have to do more research on its other ingredients. If you look around this site, you’ll find plenty of other options for natural antifungals too.

    The diet is going to be difficult for him to follow though. Obviously its focused on eliminating sugar and he cant risk letting his blood sugar get too low. How bad is his diabetes, type 1 or 2? Of course, don’t look at the diet and think you’re going to eliminate all carbs. No body, diabetic or not can do that. I still have a few small serving of carbs everyday, you have to. What I focused on more was eliminating sugary foods.


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    Hey doublek thank you for responding!

    He is type 1. He has ok control on it- which is part of the whole “no one knows what he has” thing. After serveral years of having horrible control over his diabetes, when he got sick he had his diabetes under awesome control!

    Also forgot to mention, after not being able to swallow, an ER doctor suggested eating ice cream to get his calories. He did this for 6 weeks- I’m sure feeding the crap out of the Candida


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    Well, all I would suggest is for him to slowly ease himself on to the diet and adjust the amount of insulin he takes accordingly. Of course he should monitor his sugar carefully, maybe even test it more often than usual.

    The ER doctor is an idiot. I’m sure there are better things than ice cream he could have recommended, even if it means having to put food in a blender.

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