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    Hi. I’m hoping for some advice. I’m on day 3 of the detox and I feel awful. I’m shaky, have no energy and my glands at the side of my face are really swollen. I think I’m doing everything right. Just having stir frys, veggie soups (all home made) and eggs. Plus plenty of water and lemon water and the detox drink which is disgusting!luckily I’m not in work today but I am tomorrow. My question is do I continue with the detox stage one or move on to stage two so I will hopefully have enough energy for work tomorrow? I haven’t ever felt so weak. Any advice would be appreciated


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    If you’re feeling that weak, add in some of the foods that you’re missing. A little brown rice, some starchy veggies, etc. Make sure you’re getting enough food – it’s not a weight loss diet! If you’re feeling that weak, chances are you’re missing out on some nutrition.

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