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    I don’t know how this forum works I just found it about 3 minutes ago and in that time I’ve created membership and began writing this. I’m in extreme desperate need of help! I’m hoping you guys can comment or message or something either on this post or to me personally. Soooo let me start from square one- had my first little man 11 months ago , after having him got really sick and was put on medication after medication and antibiotic after antibiotic. Finally found out I had celiacs- so quit eating gluten got a little better but not 100%. I figured it was just all antibiotics and to give it time and I’d be back normal- soooo here I am 11 months later STILL SICK!!!!!! I’ve had mris, cts, blood works of every kind, seen specialists, etc.. The list literally goes on for hours.. Just last week after countless hours of google researching I ran across candida. I was like holy $$!t!! So I did spit test, positive – I couldn’t believe all this time while getting sicker and sicker by feeding these little SOB”s, and spending all this money in doctors no one could tell me what it was!!!! I discovered it on my own, I went and had a colon cleanse at a clinic in my hometown… And began the good ol famous candida diet last week. It will make a week tomorrow. I know this is awfully disgusting but this is why I’m seeking help. Ever sense starting it I have had a lot of little white pieces of round things in my poo- I called the naturalists who did my colon cleanse and mentioned it to her she said that was yeast. Does that sound right? Ever sense every time I go potty poo there’s millions of little white balls in poo- I’m also extremely ill- sense starting the diet my stomach has calmed down (the burping and bloating) I’m just so freaken tired… My eyes are so heavy. And the fatigue generally hits in worse after I eat- if this has been unknowingly progressing over 11 months, 1.Do you think the infection is really bad is it something I can overcome on my own with diet and colon cleanse and probiotics?
    2.Is the white stuff in my poo yeast?
    3.Ive read stories of people going on the candida diet and withinh. Week have tons of energy and got rid of there candid.. Well I’m a week out and feel like hell / does it take longer for others to feel better?
    4. Any help advice anything would be greatly appreciated! I’m a young first time mom dealing with this and really need to get better! I’m willing to give out my number if I need to to text someone if you can give advice. Please help!!!! Peace and love.


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    I recommend checking out this video about the spit test, it should not be used for diagnosis:

    If you want diagnosis I would check out the candia5 test which is pretty cheap.

    If you google image search “yeast stool” and compare it to what you see, then you can make your own determination on whats going on.

    To answer your questions:

    1)In general most people can get better with the diet and probiotics/antifungals, but to reach a “cure” its typically difficult for most people. In general you’ll likely need to spend a ton of money on supplements and professional support to get better.

    These are some alternative methods people have used to get better:

    2) You need to figure this out, no one should diagnose you on the internet.

    3) You likely are experiencing die-off because you don’t have a detox plan. You need to detox the candida toxins to feel better and develop a detox plan to feel better.

    4) Check out the link I gave you, this is typically a long and costly battle and isn’t a short term thing. People do all sorts of crazy things to get better because the diet alone with probiotics doesn’t always work. Consider consulting a professional for best advise because you can really damage yourself by treating yourself. For instance, one thing that can happen is you develop thyroid problems or damage your liver/kidneys to your body fighting this off, so you really need a good plan to get better as quickly as possible.



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    Hi, sorry to hear your feeling rough, I know how you feel most on this forum will have been through or are still going through severe difficulty with this illness, I am about nine months in to the diet and I can tell you it’s a progressive thing, a very slow road to recovery of course this depends on your overall health and fitness, you personal physiology, how disciplined and determined you are to get better and everyone is different, some recover more quickly than others
    For me I have a systemic yeast infection throughout my body and not just a case of my colon being a little out of balance, I have thyroid dis-function, Adrenal problems and problems with my liver and experts seem to think that I was born with a poor gut flora, so 49 years for the candida to do some damage to my body! What I am trying to say is its not really possible in my humble opinion to say how long it will take for you to get better, you’ve made a good first choice by joining a good forum and although I’m fairly new here myself, I’m told The Candida Forum is one of the best
    There is plenty of information here but also I would recommend doing some research on the internet, what I have learn’t over the past nine months about the human body, candida, natural medicine has been incredible, but still a lot more to learn… I kind of get a buzz out of figuring something out and when I try out a theory and I actually feel better for it it’s a great sense of satisfaction, it makes you more determined to get better and learn more, so sorry to be a buzz kill but I think your have a tough journey ahead but your not alone, this illness doesn’t seem to make the mainstream press all that much or at least it doesn’t here in the UK but from my research there must be millions who have some sort of tummy issues to a greater or lesser extent, but the good news is at least science seems to be catching up fast and especially so in the US, you lucky things… I wish you all the best and hope you feel better real soon

    Take care


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