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    So I’m just going to give an overview of what has landed me on this diet. When I was born I had a hole in my heart and a heart murmur. The hole closed up but the murmur stayed so every dentist visit until I was 12 I took antibiotics. When I was about 15 I went to a doctor about my acne (which wasn’t that bad, honestly, it was just blackheads) and he put me on antibiotics (i wish i could undo this so bad). Well I was these antibiotics for like a year and a half and then I came to the conclusion that these were not good to be taking for long term. So I stopped taking them. And it all went to crap after that.

    My skin blew up, way worse than before. And I started to notice that my female bits werent quite right. I was 17 by this point, or close to 17.
    I started to notice an odor that wouldn’t subside so I went to my gynecologist and she told me I had an infection called bacterial vaginosis. She gave me some antibiotics and told me it would go away. It didn’t.

    I have had this infection for going on two years now (I’m 19 now). Antibiotics in pill form, cream form, suppository form, all kinds of crap. At first the antibiotics worked, then not so much. I still had an odor, sex was impossible and it was so frustrating. My acne got worse, I started to develop cystic acne. And a few months ago I started to develop what I thought was a UTI, but my gyno and even urologist couldn’t find what was wrong. I was fed up, I finally went to see a natural, holistic type doctor.
    He changed my life.

    He told me the cause of this infection was because of yeast overgrowth, he told me that my acne was caused by this as well. He said the urinary problem was not a UTI, but something caused by the infection going on for too long. He told me this was all because I was basically spoon fed antibiotics from the time I was in a high chair until now.
    So he put on this diet.
    For those of you who have read of this, I thank you. I’m now going to share my questions.

    He put me on the diet and gave me some Echinacea. I’ve been on the strict portion of the diet for three weeks now. I’ve only really eaten brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, kale, turkey, beef, eggs, almonds, avocados, olive oil, sea salt, garlic and onions.
    I had my follow up with my doctor yesterday and he told me to continue on the diet and gave me Cataplex F to take along with my Echinacea.

    I’ve read the strict diet only took three weeks, and its been three weeks. I don’t have any odor, but sex is completely unbearable still. Did I do something wrong? Should I stay on the strict diet until sex gets better? Cant I start eating minimal fruits and oatmeal and honey and things like that for stage 2 of the diet?

    I’m lost. I really thought this was going to work but I feel like it’s not.
    My boyfriend of 5 years is so understanding and supportive, but I miss having sex with him. I miss that connection. The smell is gone, but the pain isn’t. Is this a good sign?

    I’d be so grateful for some feedback! To be able to talk and hear advice from someone going through the same things as me would be fantastic! I know I wrote a lot, but I’m just trying to give every possible explanation of what could be wrong.

    Also, I never really developed any crazy die off symptoms. I me I got sick for a day, I craved sugar like hell and I was tired and weak a lot.
    But the smell is gone and my skin is doing great. I don’t crave sugar anymore either. If I have to stay on the strict diet longer I would totally okay with that. Also, I just order Pau d’Arco (spelling) tea and some garlic supplements as well, because these are supposed to be highly antifungal.

    Also, I’ve been constipated this entire time, I dont know if this is anything important either.


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    Hello Teabon,

    It sounds like your naturopath is pretty good except for the fact that he says beef is OK on the diet. Beef really can cause chronic constipation because it takes up to 2 or more days to digest. Chicken and fish take hours to digest. If you were to cut out beef and replace with chicken or fish, you likely will notice that you’ll feel a lot better.

    The standard process supplements are some of the highest quality out there so I wouldn’t worry about them too much.

    Echinacea in general boosts the immune system and it has a wide variety of properties…should generally bring benefit.

    I tell most forum members to plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth so you have a long ways to go until you become symptom free. Each and every week you should notice progress though and all of your women problems should reduce or go away in time. It just takes a long time which is a problem because the diet isn’t all that enjoyable as you can see.

    I wouldn’t worry about stage 2 until you become symptom free or all of your problems have improved or gone away. For me, this took about 6-9 months and I had a heavy infestation. You might be able to start earlier than me because your infestation might not be very bad right now.

    It sounds like you potentially have a medium/light infestation compared to the rest of us based on your levels of die-off. Since you are younger and haven’t consumed alcohol like us older people, your liver is likely in good condition. You typically only get die-off if your liver doesn’t detox properly and/or when you take large doses of antifungals.

    What are all of the supplements you are taking? What probiotics are you taking? Is your naturopath limited in what he can prescribe because of your income?

    You can easily start adding in more foods as you get better and you haven’t fully explored all of the options available to you on the diet. I can give you all sorts of ideas of alternative things to eat if you are interested.



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    Thanks raster! Someone who is experienced basically telling me that I’m doing great is really comforting!

    My current probiotic I’m taking is Nurtrion Now’s Probiotic 8 that has 14 billion good bacteria, is what the bottle says. I’m taking two in the morning usually after but sometimes before breakfast. I got them from

    I’m taking the Echinacea Premium and Cataplex F that are from my doctor. One Echinacea and 3 Catplex F’s a day.

    Sometimes I take some Vitamin C when I feel like I’m getting stuffy.

    I ordered some Pau d’Arco tea and Garlic Supplements last night as well.
    Other than that, I’m not taking anything else.
    I drink lots of water.

    Last night I thought I could start stage two because it had been three weeks… so I ate a banana. I realized this was bad so I ate 4 cloves of garlic mixed with half an avocado to try to reverse this.

    Oh, and the money thing isn’t an issue. He’s just giving me what he tests me for.
    And I’m highly interested in the food list if you could. I find it hard to eat because I’m pretty bad at cooking… and my college life doesn’t exactly make this any better. But I’ve been trying. My mom also tells me that I need to think outside the box.

    And my doctor also said to eat more nuts and organic, plain, unsalted butter as well. He said these good fats are essential to flushing out the yeast and such. But I’ve read the opposite. He seems to know what hes talking about though… so I don’t know.


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    I just wanted to chime in and encourage you to stick with the diet. I also had a heart murmur when I was born and had to do the antibiotics for every dental appt until I was 12. On top of that my parents supplied me with endless amounts of high sugar foods, and then 5 years of birth control. It actually amazes me now that it took so long (when I was 31) to have any real candida symptoms… as I am sure it was underlying for a very long time.

    It sounds like you are doing quite well! Keep going with it. Just as Raster said, it will take quite awhile to see major changes. I think my biggest mistake when I first attempted the diet was reintroducing foods too quickly. Instead of oatmeal you can try cream of buckwheat cereal. I would avoid fruits until you’ve been symptom free for awhile, that way when you do start eating them, it will be obvious if something causes a flare up. Don’t jump to banana’s when you start either. I believe green apples or blueberries are lower in sugar and are usually suggested when reintroducing fruit. And unfortunately honey and other natural sugars are out. Have you tried Stevia instead?

    Good luck and keep going! You will feel better.


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    Thanks Tmi! Isn’t it incredible the about the antibiotics people are forced upon as kids without even knowing the side effects, effects like candida. I wish I could go back and not do a lot of that stuff.

    But I’m grateful to know that I’m on the right path. I was highly worried that things were going wrong. I’ve read that you’re not supposed to eat nuts and avocados on the elimination diet and I’ve been eating a lot of them. They’re really the only things that keep me full. So I was highly worried that these were screwing up my progress. Is that cream of buckwheat cereal okay for stage one? I would love if I could eat something other than eggs for breakfast.

    And I do have stevia, my mom bought me some. The first ingredient is dextrose though so I have yet to find some at the store that is just pure stevia, no dextrose or alcohol or anything else added in.

    I’m hoping I make some miraculous recovery by Thanksgiving.. or at least Christmas. I’m going to miss out on so much good food 🙁

    Oh and yeah I think I read somewhere that green apples and blueberries were the best. I just wanted to eat fruit so badly so I grabbed the one thing we have on the counter, bananas. But I wont be making that mistake again. I’ve spent the past two years on horrible antibiotics because of this infection and I’m so ready for it to be over. The meds my gyno had me on even read on the label “Long term use may cause cancer.” I looked it up and they did the study on mice and almost every single mouse got leukemia. I can’t believe my doctor thought this on long term use would be okay! It’s amazing. The field of medicine is just incredible.

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