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    Pauçp Jose
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    Hello I have constipation and some gas and depression. I have been for 8 days in the strict diet just feeding with meat,eggs,salads with onion and eat 5 cloves of garlic per day but i´m not felling better :(. I didn´t have die off symptoms and maybe my constipation and gas could be just because of depression. Can You help me? I never have headaches and i never feel sick. I´m just tired, sad and constipated


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    Similar issues were discussed yesterday in this thread

    Depending on how your diet was before you started, constipation seems to be fairly common. Not just with candida sufferers, but with people starting low-carb diets in general. It took me about 2 weeks to adjust, but I was eating rubbish before I started.


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    Zypan is a great vitamin to take to completely eliminate or reduce gas. I highly recommend it. Molybdenum can help with die off symptoms and same with a hot bath, steam room, sauna, or jacuzzi.



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    Paucp Jose,

    Welcome to the forum. The 3 symptoms you mention are all symptoms of Candida, certainly… but without more details of your symptoms and also a detailed description of your diet & supplements, it is hard to advice further. Perhaps you’ll give us more details?


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