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    With the amount of alcohol in these products, and the whole thing about changing the environment to kill the Candida – should we avoid using these products throughout the treatment? Does the alcohol get absorbed through our skin and feed the yeast?

    I’m just curious as I know that mold in your bathroom ect can create the wrong environment so would this cause a similar effect?



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    I never even thought of this. Now I am curious. 😀


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    The skin is the largest organ in the body and absorbs whatever you put on it. I don’t think aftershave will derail you but there are certainly natural alternatives.
    At your local health food store there are plenty of alcohol free natural products.

    If you want to go ultra natural I would recommend witch hazel as an aftershave it will close the pores and cleanse the skin.

    Deodorant. I don’t know how far along in the program you are, I’m a little over a month and I’ve found that I no longer need to wear deodorant. Since I’m not consuming any toxins and over processed foods my skin is pushing out less toxins. I know everyone is different but I can go through a stressful 9 hour workday and then I usually work out for 1-3 hours in the evenings at at the end of all that, my under arms are not too shabby.

    There are a few ultra pure deodorant methods:
    1. coconut oil (an amazing product) works great, however, this will stain your clothes.
    2. Apple Cider Vinegar: has a vinegary smell at first but this wears away and helps kill the bacteria that makes you “smell” (dab on with a cotton swab)

    I would steer clear of anti-antiperspirants though because these prevent your body from releasing toxins, which on this diet, you don’t want to do anything that prevents the release of toxins.

    Hope this helps.


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    I think it’s best in general to minimise any unnecessary chemicals. The first few ingredients on a spray deodorant list read more like something you’d use on your barbecue.

    Many of these chemicals haven’t been adequately tested for their long-term safety, especially in terms of their synergistic effects (how they act together in your body). It’s only when people start to notice quantifiable symptoms that they get removed from the shelves, just like with pharmaceuticals, pesticides and food additives.

    You might’ve seen news recently about the link between parabens in antiperspirants and breast cancer. There doesn’t seem to be a conclusive link, but the fact that researchers have doubts shows you how thoroughly these things are tested before we consume them. Shouldn’t we be sure in advance that what we’re using is safe? Why do we have to play guinea pig so some company can make profit from its gimmicky products?

    Try looking at some of the ingredients in your washing-up liquid, detergent, shampoo, skin cream, bathroom cleaner etc and asking yourself what the hell they are and if they should be in any form of contact with you.

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