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    Hello everyone. I hope all is well.

    Where I’m living it is deer season. Now that I am 4 months into the diet I want to know if I can eat venison. If so, is there a special way to prepare the meat to preserve the vitamins and proteins or dispel some of the ammonia? How much worse is venison than chicken?

    Thank you!


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    Venison is a very dense meat and pretty hard to digest. I would avoid it. You’d be better off eating beef or lamb if you have to have a little red meat.


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    Well its organic so you know its going to be better than buying beef or lamb, i often wonder if you can get organic beef anyway, i have heard that all the good stuff goes to china, my granddad has cows and they all go to china because they are REAL ORGANIC GRASS FED. they pay more than the farmers do over here, but i bet Australia isnt the only country who does this. If i had to choose go Venison. But im a vegetarian lol.


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    Should generally be OK however if it constipates you and you feel worse, then I would not consume it. You need to be sure that it does not negatively affect your digestion.


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