deep belching …. cause ? anyone experience this?

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    Wondering if any of you have experienced this or have any thoughts on it. About three months ago a test confirmed I had a fairly significant Candida overgrowth, I changed my diet and started on an antifungal regimen consistent with the guidance of a naturopathic doctor.
    For about the last two months I’ve had very significant, very deep belching. It seems to come a couple hours after meals. At this point I’m sure it’s not die off, it’s more closely related to when I eat. The problem is I can’t seem to get my stomach to “wake up” and process food. It’s a very bland diet as you know and it seems the food just sits in my stomach…. I’m taking HCl supplements, digestive bitters, Apple cider vinegar, tried acupuncture, and it just seems something about the diet change to a very bland diet along with the antifungal‘s has essentially shut my stomach down and created a situation where every meal sits there rotting and producing gas. for what its worth my diet prior to this was pretty good, i really only had to eliminate whole wheat breads and fruit to convert to this diet, so it wasnt a radical change. and belching was not a constant, significant issue then. any thoughts on how to get my stomach moving again ?

    thanks all –

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