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    It´s day two after a three day cleansing (and a 10 day cleanse before that were I ate gluten-free corn, vegetables, seeds and apples&blueberries) and on those two days I´ve eaten lots of veggies, juiced 1-2 times a day (to make my intake of nutrients from veggies more), some quinoa and some chicken. Today about half an hour after I ate some chicken, quinoa, veggie juice and some cherry tomatoes I had diarrhea and have had it since then. My tummy is also rather upset. I´ve also noticed for the last couple of days that my shoulder and neck are really stiff and I´m really fatigued. I´m not taking any probiotics or antifungals at the moment. Has anyone other experienced something like this after a cleanse? Is my body telling my I need to stop eating something or is it simply in shock because I put something else than veggies in it?

    All sharing of experiences with how people felt after cleansing greatly appreciated 🙂


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    I would consider just starting the diet and not doing the cleanse any long. It really doesn’t do much in terms of fighting candida or getting your health better, and you’ve already done it pretty long it sounds like. What is likely happening is the yeast is dying and you have die-off symptoms.



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    During your cleansing process did you take any Milk Thistle, NAC, candidate, or fiber to clear out the toxins in your liver? Outside of that corn is on the don’t eat list plus blueberries are to be introduced later.

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