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    Today I’m feeling awesome!
    I’ve been on the cleanse for a few days and have introduced the detox drinks as well as taking Milk Thistle.
    Since I do have school and work coming up, I think I’m going to cut the detox short and start introducing the Stage One foods. My V. Yeast Infection has completely cleared out (the symptoms anyway) and I actually have more energy (after a few days of extreme fatigue). The other day I had really bad back pain and a few other die-off symptoms, but they seemed to clear up after a day or so.
    Does this mean I’m ready to start the diet? If my symptoms are gone, I think it’s safe, no?


    Oh and BTW, if you haven’t tried Kale chips, you HAVE TO!!! Amazing!


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    rose8marie wrote: Does this mean I’m ready to start the diet? If my symptoms are gone, I think it’s safe, no?

    It sounds like you could start the diet, especially since you’re about to return to school. Watch the changes of your body closely now, and keep us posted as to your symptoms.

    PS: You may need to add Molybdenum before this is over.



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    Thanks Able,
    I am a little bit apprehensive about taking too many supplements that may stress my kidneys. I have a cyst in my left kidney and have an upcoming appointment to check on it. Because excess of most supplements is excreted by the kidneys, I’m afraid to add too many things to my supplement list. I have always had a no-pill attitude, and don’t even take anything for headaches or any other type of pain.
    I’m currently taking Milk Thistle and cranberry extract (for my recurring bladder infections – had to cut out the cranberry juice b/c of the sugar) and already feel that this is enough. I know I will have to add antifungals, but am planning on using coconut oil, garlic, and other natural forms.
    I don’t know if I’m just paranoid, but there is a medical condition to take into consideration.
    I do take hot baths daily, will be upping my exercise regime (I do only yoga and 10-15 min of light weight training), and continue the oil pulling as well as start skin brushing. I know these don’t have the exact same effects as Molybdenum, I just don’t trust the pill-form of detoxing.

    If you have any advice on this, I’ll definitely take it into consideration!

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