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    I am on day 6 of the anti-candida diet but not the cleanse. I am eating only non-candida foods with the exception I had hormone free antibiotic free beef 1x per month is the plan, eggs is a staple of my routine to replace the lentils that I was eating prior too understanding that they were not helpful. My skin is already improved I had a chronic rash on my face its gone and the redness is already nearly invisible so I know what I am doing is on the right track.

    Day 6 Antifungals began: I started oil of oregano, garlic gel tabs because they are odorless I want to have some friendships LOL, and caprylic acid. Oil of oregano is strong I immediately felt the “taste” and will only be taking that 1x per week and may be even rotating. The other two I have had before and discontinued not understanding that they were part of the anti-candida diet and should be part of my plan until I am symptom free to say the least. Caprylic I elected to stick with strongly because of the fact it is also great for “leaky gut” and that is something I am aware of.

    Probiotics: I ordered the VSL3 the “packets” will start that as soon as they arrive and go slowly 1 packet every other or more because it is a whopping dose of probiotics 450billion and don’t want to be die-off overload.

    Teas/Drinks: I am drinking lemon water, nettle tea, dandelion tea and peppermint tea all of which are now part of my staples and will continue for the rest of my life because I like tea and as long as there are no bad side effects from them I shall continue.

    Fiber: I ordered the Fiber selected here it was cheap and easy on Amazon and taking that at least 1x per day because I cannot cleanse with the clay and do the liver tonic regularly yet because of the acute phase I am in it was common sense for me to start the candida diet, anti-fungal routines, probiotics and get stronger before I try to do anything that brash.

    Overall: I feel the impact of the changes and the die-off I am not myself mentally or physically but definitely going to continue and go slowly and understand this is a long difficult process but worth the effort.

    Future: I will never take another antibiotic again unless it is an absolute last resort and will not ever eat gluten free pasta, breads or any chips or crackers. Not worth it. I don’t miss that part because I feel they led to weight gain anyway and now that I understand not safe for candida why do it. Not worth it.

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