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    I still feel like crap like I usually do- constant fatigue, which is difficult for me to cope with when I’m in my second year of college. The discharge is still going on, but now I’m not even sure if I have candida infection because I don’t display any itching or burning down below like as described on most sites as symptoms, but is it different for everyone? Although, I do have rashes elsewhere recently, but that could just be the cold, dry weather in Washington state. I’ve been suffering since summer 2008.

    I have a what looks to be white, snot-like discharge in the mirror, but it dries on my pantyliner as yellow. I have not been diagnosed by a doctor, since I do not have medical or health insurance at the moment. The smell of my stool has decreased in intensity significantly since I’ve started the diet, but I’m still experiencing either constipation or diarrhea. Is it entirely possible that I might be suffering from another type of vaginal infection or maybe a combination displaying similar symptoms? I thought it could be BV or Trichomoniasis (but I’m not sexually active). I’ve tried the 3-day miconazole, which actually reduced the amount of abnormal discharge for a couple of days after application before the abnormal discharge came back almost full-force. 🙁


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    You can get BV without being sexually active. Go to the free clinic or planned parenthood. BV can turn serious.

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