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    I’ve been verrrrry naughty…meatballs, dumplings, white rice, chicken pie, orange float, vanilla yogurt…yes…i’ve had all of these things over the last 4 days. Only a little bite here and there, but it is still unacceptable on this diet. I could sit here and lament over my situation, or I could applaud myself for saying no to the oreos, almond joys, and leftover christmas cookies. My diet has not been perfect over the last 4 days, but I have made significant changes in my diet – no more afternoon carb rush, no more morning coffee (which is very impressive to me given that i work at 6:30am in a job that requires constant bubbliness).

    I now realize how much of an emotional attachment I have to the “4pm candy bar” – I’m not hungry, but I’m finished work and it makes me run the same old script in my head – I’ve just worked for 8 hours, i deserve a reward, and there is nothing that could make me feel as good as a nice piece of chocolate/croissant/peanut butter jelly sandwich. All i really want is to crawl into my bed and watch cartoons, so as long as i can commit to this new routine-reward for a few days to replace my old one, in time, my old addiction will be replaced by a slightly less detrimental habit.

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