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    It’s day 11 and my feet suddenly swelled up and my joints in my hands and knees have too. This is the same issue I had before I started the candida clense. I’ve been very strict and have lost 15 lbs already. I do lots of garlic, onions, probiotics, no bad foods, ext. I have done Yogi Detox tea 4-6 times a day week one had bad die off now I’m at 2 times a day. This suddenly swelling is from more die off? I’m thinking it is, because it’s a symptom I had previously. My candida is clearing – yeast infection gone, mouth looks better, stomach feeling good. Any ideas? I also drink lemon water constantly. And my salad dressing every day is evo, chopped garlic, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with herbs. Any ideas on how to combat the feet swelling?

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