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    I’m on offical day 10 of diet. I had thrush to start with and found this site. For 6 days prior to finding the forum I was eating items on the web site list ie: yogurt,almonds, carrots and a few other things I should not have.

    I am on day 10 of sticking to the real diet as described on this forum. I do the oil pulling daily and try to get as many times in as I can. I’m now of my perscription by the doctor and am just on the diet.

    I have bought some of the vitamins. Still have not started any probiotics.

    I have lost nearly 20lbs. Needed that so that is a bonus.

    However, I ache. My legs and hips and back hurt. Mind you I have also started walking about 3 miles a day with the dog the terrain here is rolling hills. The first day I went I had to stop and rest. Second day was better and yesterday we craked out our 3 miles in about 45 minutes. So I don’t know if I’m so sore from the very mild walking or if it is die off….

    I don’t know if I had Candida through out my body because I took the antibiotics after having and awful cough for 5 weeks. The antibiotics tipped the scale and I ended up with Thrush. At that point I was week, exhausted, hard to concentrate, stressed etc. After coughing for 5 weeks I was whipped. But what this Thrush did to me is beyond stressed.

    I guess I’m checking in to see if I’m on the right path.

    I’m eating organic eggs, green leafy veggies, lots of onions and garlic, made some yummy turkey soup with small bits of turkey, tons of celery,onions, garlic and fresh parsley. I eat about 1/2 of a chicken breast every 2 days, and wild caught salmon as well as some shrimp.

    Just read on a post I’m supposed to be eating coconut oil. I have been doing the oil pulling with that. So I ate a scoop…ugh.

    Am I doning this right? I did not do the detox…How do I know if I’m doing this right?

    I have a Doctors appointent with my ENT tomorrow. When I called my family Doc to find out about a follow up apointment to check liver or what ever he should check to see where I am with this Thrush thing. He told me to go to dentist….I have a good ENT and thought I would go and visit him??? Any thoughts.

    Just wondering if I’m on the right path. I am wanting a small scoop of yogurt like no other. I’m not missing sugar or breads…just creamy feeling in mouth.

    Also, have DRY MOUTH so badly and I drink about 8 bottles of water a day. And 3-4 glases of warm lemon water.

    Sorry so long winded. Thanks for any and all advice…I have no one to turn to but you wonderful people. Please know I thank God every night for bringing me to this website and you wonderful people.


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    Hello, Jackie. Good to hear from you, and way to go on making it to ten days.

    Any type of skin breakout can be a side effect of cleansing and detoxing the body, and in effect, the Candida healthy diet acts as a continuous cleanse. Because of this, skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rashes can actually worsen before they began to get better. Just continue to drink tons of water to keep the escaping toxins washed out of your system, and trust that it will eventually get better as your body is cleansed from the inside out.

    The leg aches can be from die-off but also from the newly acquired walking ritual, which is a great idea by the way. Dry mouth is a symptom of die-off.

    According to your description, you’re doing just fine with the treatment. There’s nothing I would change about it other than to tell you that if you at least start taking vitamin C three to four times a day, it will help with the toxins being released.

    And you’re right, the taste of the coconut oil is indescribably bad, but having a glass of warm water close by to use as a ‘chaser’ helps a little.



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    Actually I know that walking on any terrain with inclines like hills can cause shin splints when you’re not use to a lot of walking, etc. The shin splints are suppose to go away as your body gets use to the terrain and additional exercise, but if they get really bad you might need to take a break from the walking and rest your calves.

    Hope this helps



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    Vitamin C can help heal the skin as well; I recommend vitamin C with bioflavanoids! Bioflavanoids have properties that are beneficial to healing and getting over candida.



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    Hi Jackie,

    About the Achey legs – I had awful aches from my pelvis right down the backs of my legs for about 3 days during my 1st week of cleanse. Between this, the migraines and the itch it wsn’t a fun week!! So yes, I think it’s definitely a combination of the die off and walking.

    I found the sauna and/or a hot bath really helped the ache and the detox in general. I’m still “sweating it out” every 2nd day and it’s a god send. Thanks to Raster for that piece of advice!


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