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    Hello everyone,
    I have been researching Candida for the last few weeks. I have been getting recurrent vaginal thrush for years now and the oral tablets the drs keep giving me seems to make things worse afterwards. Someone suggested I might have Candida overgrowth so I have been reading lots about it. I have cut out sugars, wheat, gluten and yeast from my diet for the last 3 weeks. I have always suffered from ‘wind’ ( a symptom of candida I understand..) and this seems to have been worse since changing my diet. Also my breath seems to smell. My vaginal thrush is still as bad as ever…
    Really I don’t know where to go next… I have bought some ‘yeast raiders’ and don’t know whether to start taking them.. I have still been eating potatoes which seems a no-no now…so many different sources have different advice.. It just seems so complicated, with all the different supplements, ‘protecting your liver’ etc – I’m just worried I may end up doing more harm than good by taking x,y,or z.
    I feel like I’m only doing half the job by cutting out the sugars, wheat, gluten and yeast and suffering more for it as well…
    Is the increased wind/stomach ache and bad breath likely to be a sign of die off or am I not doing enough to start making an difference yet?
    Really at my wits end and feeling pretty down to be honest. I know everyone is different but I just wish there was a definite ‘eat this, do this you will be better’ option…I have read so many different things with people giving such different advice that I am completely overwhelmed.
    Sorry if its all a bit jumbled, just let my thoughts roll out,


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    Hi! I can relate. When I first wondered at the candida connection was well over 15 years ago. I would “digest” some of it, get overwhelmed at the instructions that came with the candida cleanses at the health food store and freak over the few foods allowed at that time all of which I had never heard of! It was also during a time I could not afford to buy organic food (back then it was hard to find in my area and off the charts in price)

    There is so much more info today. Not to mention, wonderful support groups. IMHO start with baby steps and eliminate the major foods that feed candida (i’m still learning) such as potatoes. Beer and potatoes are the highest glycemic index for bad carbs that I am aware of.

    There are so many people on here with great suggestions as to what to use for detoxing. Don’t wait until it takes you over and you lose your quality of life. This isn’t something to mess around with and I plan to stay on a healthy diet the rest of my life even after the storm has passed.



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    According to your symptoms, it’s almost sure that you have candida. If you are not sure, try to find a naturopath or a doctor who understands candida and ask for a candida test. These tests are usually quite expensive …
    I started out like you did. Cut out all refined sugars, while still eating all vegetables and starchy things like bread, pasta, etc. Until I realized this was not enough.
    The first thing you have to do is changing your diet. This is something that you should do anyway if you are concerned with your health. It definitely won’t harm you. You have to cut out almost ALL sugars/starchy stuff.
    Start with raster’s safe food list. You also have to know important stuff about antifungals, probiotics, ph balance, detoxification, …
    It’s a lot of work to put all this information together. One day I will do this. But for now, you have to figure it out yourself, just like all the others did on the forum.
    This is a good starting point.

    Take care!


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    If you are feeling daunted, then I wouldn’t go the treat yourself route. I would go to a naturopathic/holistic doctor who can heal you more effectively than you can heal yourself.

    The gas is likely related to deficiencies in stomach acid. This is a common problem with people who have candida overgrowth.


    You are being very smart by being cautious, because once you start you could feel way worse.


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