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    So what I have found is that Cider Apple Vinegar is awesome for Dandruff, it completely got rid of mine with one wash, it came back about 10 days later but much milder. I just wash my hair normally and rinse, then literally pour the vinegar over my head, leave it for a minute and rinse it off. You would think it would smell but it doesn’t once your hair is dry. I can only ever smell it if I get my hair damp and even then its very mild.

    I buy Cider Vinegar with the Mother – Unpasteurised, Unfiltered and organic.. i’m sure there are many brands about. I’d tell you mine but people will think i’m just a sales rep lol!

    Also I have been getting super sensitive skin, itchy and my face more than anywhere is dryer than ever. I always use organic coconut oil as a moisturiser now, it soothes but doesn’t get rid of the dry skin so to speak. So yesterday i tried again Cider Apple Vinegar diluted with water 50/50. It completely took away the dry patches on my face I then finished with some coconut oil.

    I have tried everything for lady thrush, coconut oil etc which again relieves initially but I think my body may just have gotten too used to it and would then not relive it. You can add some vinegar to the bath which helps a lot which would help all your skin at the same time. or 50/50 with water again and apply it directly to your ‘bits’

    I also drink the stuff, I accidentally had a vit C tablet that contain Maltodextrin and my tongue flared up, i drank the vinegar about 2tblsp to a small glass or something like a ratio of 20:80 vinegar to water.

    I think by far the vinegar is my best find for thrush so far, i’m only drinking it once a day but will up it to 3 times a day now before meals, its meant to be great too if you suffer with low blood sugar levels.

    Cat x

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