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    I haven’t had any cravings in weeks. On Sunday, I drank an apple cider vinegar, ginger, and stevia bottled drink (Braggs brand, totally legit), since I was out grocery shopping and thought, “Hey, a packaged thing I can drink!” It’s the first thing I’ve had with stevia since I started the cleanse and diet over 6 weeks ago. That night, and yesterday and today, I’ve been having cravings and have felt hungrier than I have since the first couple of days of the cleanse.

    Has anyone else noticed increased cravings related to using stevia? I think the glimpse of sweetness made my stupid addict brain freak out. It could just be that I’m having cravings as a natural part of this process, but the timing is odd. Regardless, I think I’m over stevia (again).


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    Stevia doesn’t bother me. I use it on my plain Greek yogurt and my steel oats. I have cravings every day still and it’s been two months. I had buckwheat garlic biscuits that helped fill me and I made coconut bread. Yum. I limit the carbs but those aren’t bad carbs. Sugar is the devil of course. I had a cheat meal last week of ice cream and had such a sugar rush. Never again, cause it made cravings worse. But yeah I don’t think it’s the stevia


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    I use stevia on my oat bran cereal and sometimes in tea. I did not notice any change in cravings. I do have days when I am hungrier than others, but did not connect this to use of stevia.

    Perhaps there was something hidden in that drink that fed the candida? Or it could also be die-off if you did more antifungals than you noticed? Perhaps you should try stevia by itself and in a more controlled way (such as put few drops in your tea or something) and see if you have the same reaction after that.



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    Feh, stevia.

    I was putting stevia in stuff (“cookies”, kefir, etc.), but it just started tasting weird to me, so I stopped. Cravings for sweets have mostly stopped now and I think those things all taste fine now without the stevia. There is some stevia in my fiber blend, but it’s there as a prebiotic and it doesn’t taste sicky sweet, so I think it’s in its raw, less sweet extracted form.


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    I do not notice any difference in either my appetite or cravings when I use stevia. I don’t use it a lot, just in my herbal or green tea sometimes. Since I’ve been eating cultured veggies, I don’t crave sweets at all.


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    I’ve been thinking about your Braggs drink since I read this post yesterday. I was wondering if it wasn’t the stevia at all but die off from the ACV. Sometimes shortly after I take my anti-fungals I get a sugar craving.

    But, I’m not much help because I have also had a reaction to stevia. I never could stand it anyway so I never tried it again.


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    I can relate a little. I drank some stevia water to down my vitamins the day. And I crave oat bran with stevia, the carbie goodness with sweet.


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    Thanks for the feedback, everybody. I doubt it actually did anything physical to trigger cravings, but I think maybe it affected me psychologically to taste something really sweet again after several weeks. Who knows?

    Mrs Candida, I consume ACV just about every day in salads, and I haven’t had this experience.


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    In case anyone is interested I found this blog discussing this very issue to some degree.

    The discussion posts following are somewhat helpful too. I think, as with anything, you cant just go buy something because you heard the name from someone and trust all the products to be the same. It seems that small amounts of PURE stevia are ok but in excess and specifically in attempt to satisfy sugar cravings is unwise. I use it in moderation to make what I eat palatable.

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